Information Regarding COVID-19: Notification, Reservation and Administration of the Vaccine

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Last updated November 25, 2022

Explainer on Vaccination Against COVID-19 in Saga Prefecture

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1 Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

2 Vaccination against COVID-19

   How to Make a Reservation/How to Fill Out the Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire

1.Your city hall or town hall will send you an envelope. In this envelope, you will find a notification letter, a prevaccination screening questionnaire, and a vaccination ticket.

  The color and shape of this envelope varies between different municipalities. You can see what the envelope looks like in your municipality in paragraph 1-1. Inside the envelope, you will find a prevaccination screening questionnaire, a vaccination ticket, etc. You can see examples of these documents in paragraph 1-2 and 1-3. You will need the contents of this envelope when receiving your vaccination, so be careful not to lose it.

1-1.Vaccine Notification Envelope *Click the picture to enlarge

1-2.Vaccination Ticket 

This is a ticket for your vaccination. Please be careful not to lose it or throw it away.


          (ReferenceMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare Vaccination Navigator


1-3.Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire *Click the picture to enlarge

Please do not throw this away, because you will need it when receiving your vaccination. It is written in Japanese.

*If you have trouble to understand the Japanese version of the prevaccination screening questionnaire, you can download translated versions via the link below.

*It is not possible to fill out a translated version of the questionnaire. Please fill out the Japanese version, while referring to the translated version.

2.Make a reservation by phone, etc.

  Those who wish to be vaccinated must make a reservation. How you can make a reservation depends on the city or town where you live. Please check the website of the city or town listed below.

 There are two types of vaccination sites. Group vaccinations are conducted at large facilities such as public halls and health centers, whereas individual vaccinations are administered one by one at hospitals. The method differs from city to city, and some cities or towns use both methods. Please check the website of the city or town listed below.

 If you have difficulty making a reservation in Japanese, please call the COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment and Interpretation Hotline(コロナワクチン予約・接種電話通訳サービス)at 092-687-5006. This is a free interpretation service, available for 21 languages.

Vaccination webpage of each city/town

佐賀市(さがし) | Saga 唐津市(かしまし) | Karatsu 鳥栖市(とすし) | Tosu 

多久市(たくし) | Taku 伊万里市(いまりし) | Imari 武雄市(たけおし) | Takeo 

鹿島市(かしまし) | Kashima 小城市(おぎし) | Ogi 嬉野市(うれしのし) | Ureshino 

神埼市(かんざきし) | Kanzaki 吉野ヶ里町(よしのがりちょう) | Yoshinogari 

基山町(きやまちょう) | Kiyama 上峰町(かみみねちょう) | Kamimine 

みやき町 (みやきちょう)| Miyaki 玄海町(げんかいちょう) | Genkai 

大町町(おおまちちょう) | Omachi 江北町 (こうほくまち)| Kouhoku 

白石町(しろいしちょう) | Shiroishi 有田町(ありたちょう) | Arita 太良町(たらちょう) | Tara

3.Write the prevaccination screening questionnaire

*It is not possible to fill out a translated version of the questionnaire. Please fill out the Japanese version, while referring to the translated version.
Word list to fill in the questionnaire
This information can be viewed in various languages. Please click on your preferred language at the bottom of the sheet.



4.Go to the vaccination site on the date and time of your reservation to get vaccinated.

  If you are late for your reservation, or go on a different date, you will not be able to get vaccinated, so please be careful to go to the vaccination site on the date and time of your reservation.


4-1.Items to bring

Prevaccination screening questionnaire, vaccination ticket, valid ID (such as a driving license or health insurance card)

*Please try to bring your Maternal and Child Health Handbook for those receiving Vaccination for Young Children (5 to 11 years old) and Vaccination for Infants and toddlers (6 months to 4 years old).

*Depending on the municipality, there may be other necessary items, so please check the website of your municipality. If you are having trouble to understand their website, please contact the Saga International Plaza.


  • Please wear a mask when you come to the vaccination site
  • The vaccine will be administered into the shoulder, so please wear clothing with easy access to the upper arm.
  • Children under the age of 1 year old will receive the vaccine on the thigh. They should be dressed in clothing that allows the thighs to be easily exposed.
  • If you forget to bring the items listed in 4-1, it may not be possible to get your vaccination, even if you go to the vaccination site at the time of your reservation.


4-3.Interpretation at the vaccination site

Before your vaccination, the staff will explain the vaccination procedure and ask you questions. If you have difficulty communicating with the staff in Japanese, please call the “COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment and Interpretation Hotline(コロナワクチン予約・接種電話通訳サービス)”. This telephone interpretation service is available in 21 foreign languages, free of charge. A telephone interpreter will help you communicate with the staff.