Our Projects


 Communication Support

●Upgrading project of gathering and providing information

SPIRA build a wide information network of people including foreign residents in Saga, which is useful to support communication, provide local information, and share information in case of disasters or emergencies. We also present information in multiple languages via HP and Facebook.

●Quarterly information journal “Hello Saga” for foreign residents

We create the information journal “Hello Saga” in simple and easy Japanese to support communication towards foreign residents. Our journal provides various information of everyday life such as disaster measures and road safety.


●SPIRA Japanese speech contest

We promote learning Japanese to support communication towards foreign residents and improve their lives. We also carry out a Japanese speech contest to present their achievements.

●Japanese tutors training course subsidy program

We aid to the part of the tuition fee for Japanese tutors training course to create a good environment for foreign residents to learn Japanese.

●SPIRA training for Japanese language support volunteering

We carry out workshops to train volunteers who teach Japanese to foreign residents.

●SPIRA “Yasashī Nihongo” enlightennment seminar [entrusted by the prefecture]

Many foreign residents have definite hearing skill and vocabularies although it is still difficult for them to speak Japanese fluently. To support their communication, we enlighten and generalize “Yasashī Nihongo,” simple and easy Japanese towards the administrative organs, private companies, and Japanese residents.

*You can speak “Yasashī Nihongo” by restraining yourself from using difficult words such as honorific expressions, terminologies, and dialects. Rewording high-flown words into common ones is also effective.

Daily life support

●Education support projects

We dispatch Japanese education supporters and interpreters for children to support foreign residents’ school life within the prefecture. We also coordinate a variety of training and development programs for the supporters.

●Medical support projects [entrusted by the prefecture]

We send volunteer medical interpreters to medical institutions and also coordinate development programs for the volunteers since it requires specific knowledge and ethical view to interpret accurately. We make good use of multiple language translation call center to deal with dispatch request in emergencies and on holidays.

●Life consultation support projects [entrusted by the prefecture]

We will establish a permanent counseling service to deal with daily problems and answer questions that foreign residents concern. We make good use of multilingual interpreting telephone service to enable smooth consultations by administrative organization within the prefecture.

●Disaster preparation support projects [entrusted by the prefecture]

We conduct an experiential emergency seminar for foreign residents as a livelihood support. The participants will learn some basic knowledge and behavior rules to prepare for disasters.

Multicultural coexistance

●Quarterly information journal “Hello Saga” for Japanese residents

We share information of projects within Saga prefecture to promote the every residents’ understanding towards international exchange, cooperation, and multicultural coexistence.



●SPIRA visiting lectures

We will introduce or send foreign residents, SPIRA staffs, and Japanese of experience abroad who belongs to private organizations to kindergartens, schools, community centers and private groups within the prefecture. They will have lectures about foreign customs, cultures, and multicultural coexisting. Our purpose is to promote understandings of different cultures, multicultural coexistence, and international cooperation nurseries.


●International exchange/co-operation projects

We will carry out international events by working with many private organizations and volunteers within Saga to develop understandings of international exchange, cooperation, and multicultural coexistence and encourage people to take part in activities.

●SPIRA volunteers training courses

We carry out workshops to train volunteers who support foreign residents’ livelihood and activities in order to develop human resources, raise awareness, and vitalize volunteer activities.

●SPIRA subsidies to promote multicultural coexistance

We promote projects that aim for multicultural coexistence, international exchange, and international co-operations by organizations within Saga prefecture and aid to some parts of the expenses.

●SPIRA Saga Saiko projects by foreign residents

We carry out photo contests, workshops to learn history and traditions of Saga, and radio broadcasting to encourage foreign residents to participate in the society. Seeing from different perspectives, they will express Saga to both within and outside Japan in many ways.