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The Supporting Members system was started to help advance international exchange between Saga residents.
We hope you will consider joining us as we work towards our goals of internationalization and international exchange.

About Supporting Members

Anyone can become a Supporting Member. Individuals, groups, companies, organizations etc. are all welcome.

Yearly Fee
Individual Members 3,000 Yen
Group Members(groups, companies, organizations) 10,000 Yen


How to Join:

If you would like to become a supporting member please register through our online form.
After paying the member fee through Japan Post Bank, your registration will be complete.
(If you choose to pay through the Japan Post Bank we will provide you with the remittance form by postal mail)


Method of Payment:

Payment can made be through the Japan Post Bank (handling fee paid by SPIRA) .


Membership Benefits

1. Hello Saga Magazine

国際交流・協力情報誌「Hello Saga」
Hello Saga Magazine

Have our bimonthly magazine, Hello Saga, delivered for free.

Hello Saga contains information about SPIRA sponsored events as well as other international exchange news and articles.

2. Attend Our Lunch Time Seminars

Lunch Time English Seminars!  Tuesday 12:15~12:50 in every other month

DATE & TIME:the 3rd or 4th Tuseday of every other month  
PLACE: Meeting Room @ Saga International plaza

Hannah, an International Economy and Affiairs Division Officer, and guest speakers talk about a range of topics sure to stimulate your mind in English.



英語セミナーEnglish Seminar 英語セミナー English Seminar 英語セミナーEnglish Seminar
Lunch Time English Seminars

​3. Use of the Saga International Plaza’s Facilities


We have a large collection of book and magazines regarding foreign cultures and international exchange which you are free to browse.

Members may checkout native garbs for free as well.