Depending on the nature of the interpretation/translation request, the Saga Prefecture International Relations Association (SPIRA) may introduce volunteer interpreters/translators for the promotion of international exchange, international cooperation and multicultural coexistence.

This service is available to:
  1. Prefectural, municipal and other public institutions, as well as educational institutions
  2. Non-profit organisations and institutions (NPOs, neighbourhood associations, etc.) in Saga Prefecture
  3. Individuals living in Saga Prefecture
  4. Organisations and individuals who do not fall under the above categories, but have received special permission from SPIRA
Type of content that is eligible for language support:
  1. Interpretation/translation related to daily life of foreign residents
  2. Interpretation/translation that leads to the stimulation of international exchange and cooperation
  3. Interpretation/translation for public use
  4. Other content that SPIRA deems particularly important

*This service cannot be used for translations that are for profit, highly specialised or require the signature of a translator. Interpretation or translation between family members or friends is also not accepted.

Examples of eligible content:
procedures at driving test centers, viewings of childcare facilities, events involving international exchange, etc.
documents for garbage disposal, documents to be submitted to the city hall, flyers for events in the local community, etc.
Remuneration, if any, is to be paid by the person who files the request.
*SPIRA does not act as an intermediary between the person filing the request and the volunteer in the delivery of remuneration.
Please note the following:
  1. Please note that the volunteers registered with SPIRA are not interpreters or translators by profession, and that their activities are carried out in their goodwill as fellow citizens.
  2. Neither SPIRA nor the volunteer interpreter/translator shall be liable for any damages resulting from the volunteer’s interpretation or translation.
  3. For our records, please submit the finished translation to SPIRA.
  4. Depending on the content and language, as well as the availability of volunteers, please understand that we may not be able to find a volunteer for you.
How to make a request

Please fill in the “Interpreter/Translator Request Form” and contact SPIRA.



Medical interpreting (interpretation during visits to medical institutions) and interpreting at schools (three-way meetings, etc.) are handled through separate interpreter dispatch systems.

For applications or inquiries
Saga Prefecture International Relations Association (SPIRA)
Saga Shōko Bldg., Shirayama 2-1-12, Saga 840-0826, Japan
TEL.: 0952-25-7921            FAX: 0952-26-2055          E-mail: