Guides for Life in Japan

Information about Daily Life

SPIRA has created “A Guide for Foreigners Living in SAGA (issued in 2017)”.  It provides information about “Daily life consultation”, “Hospitals”, “Disaster prevention” and “Emergency contacts”.  You can get it by free at Saga International Plaza. 





The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) has provided Multilingual Living Information about daily life necessary, such as “Medical”, “Education” and “Emergency/Disasters” and so on for foreigners residing in Japan. 


Multilingual Living Information    Multilingual Living Information app




Citizen from Abroad to SAGA, Teaching Assistant NET works (CASTANETs), an organization for Japanese learning support in SAGA has created guidebooks: “Saga Guidebook~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick~(Japanese only)” and “Saga Guidebook~at School~”.

 “Saga Guidebook~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick (Japanese only)~”

Saga Guidebook ~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick~ ①

Saga Guidebook ~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick~ ②

Saga Guidebook ~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick~ ③

Saga Guidebook ~Natural disaster/Accidents/Sick~ ④

“Saga Guidebook~at School~”

Saga Guidebook ~at School~ English ① Saga Guidebook ~at School~ English ②

Saga Guidebook ~at School~ English ③ Saga Guidebook ~at School~ English ④

Saga Guidebook ~at School~ English ⑤ 


Health and Medical Services

Health and Medical Services

Disaster Prevention

Disaster Prevention


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