⚠⚠ Emergency Evacuation Order【All should evacuate!】⚠⚠

Jul 10. 2023

⚠⚠ Emergency Evacuation Order【All should evacuate!】⚠⚠

2023.7.10  1:33 PM

【Emergency Evacuation Order is in effect in the following areas】
Genkai Town
Imari City
Kanzaki City
Saga City
Miyaki Town
Tosu City
Kamimine Town
Karatsu City
Kiyama Town
Yoshinogari City
Ogi City
Ureshino City
Shiroishi Town
Kashima City

An Emergency Evacuation Order has been issued.

Due to the heavy rain, the top layer of mountain slopes may come loose and landslides may occur in the above-mentioned areas, leading to very dangerous situations. All should immediately evacuate to a nearby evacuation shelter (school/community center, etc.).

Please be vigilant and protect yourself when evacuating.


※However, if it seems hard to get to the evacuation shelter, do not force yourself to evacuate to the evacuation shelter. Go to a tall, sturdy building in your vicinity instead. If it seems hard to evacuate anywhere at all, go to a high place in your house, opposite to the side facing the mountain.


If you feel scared, or if you are not sure what to do, ask people in your neighborhood for help.