Multicultural Art Exhibition -The Brush and The Ink -

Event Start Time and Date Calendar 2021/9/15 @ 8:30 – 2021/11/15 @ 17:15

Multicultural Art Exhibition ~The Brush and The Ink~ Theme:Free Your Heart of Borders 

Currently 7,031 foreigners are living in Saga Prefecture.Some can read and write Japanese well, but some find it difficult to express themselves in Japanese.You can express yourself and your culture in your language at “Multicultural Art Exhibition ~The Brush and The Ink~”.The theme is ”FREE YOUR HEART OF BORDERS”.We hope this event will be a good opportunity to think about “Multicultural Society ” in Saga.

We invite multi-cultural artists worldwide to submit artwork to our “Multicultural Art Exhibition ~The Brush and The Ink~”.You can try caligraphy at the events held by SPIRA.

Application period:September 15th ~ November 15th, 2021

Multicultural Art Exhibition Information↓  

Events 【To practice and make the artwork(s)】

① Sep. 23rd (Thu/holiday) on 10am ~ 12pm at Saga International Plaza

② Oct. 31st(Sun)on 11am ~ 4pm at Ogi park, Ogi-shi

③ Nov. 3rd (Wed/holiday) on 1pm~ 4pm at Saga International Plaza

At events ① &②, senior high school calligraphy club members  will be there to help you!
At event ③, a Chinese ink painting artist will be there to help you!

※The paper, ink, brush, etc  will be provided by SPIRA for the events.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Calligraphy Event Information↓